Roster Tips

Club Pass roster details

  1. It is the responsibility of the team coach to ensure that all club pass players are done within the rules of the league, HYSA and USYSA. NOTE: The system may allow you to club pass players outside of the rules and restrictions.

Printing Game Card Tips

  1. If your jersey numbers do not appear on the game card, make sure you have number in for both Home and Visitors.
  2. The gamecards are Game Specific and include the roster for both teams. You must print a new roster's each week. The new rosters are available from 4 days prior to your game
  3. You need to bring 2 gamecards to every game; one for the referee and one for the opponent. Failure to do so can result in a game time forfeit.

Sample Game Day Roster (.pdf file)

League Schedules

League Play Start Date Play End Date Play Days
2018 Spring OL Futsal Mar. 24, 2018 May. 20, 2018 Saturday and Sunday
2018 Spring 13U-19U Competitive Season Mar. 03, 2018 May. 20, 2018 Saturday and Sunday
2018 Winter Futsal Jan. 06, 2018 Mar. 04, 2018 Saturday and Sunday Afternoons and Evenings
2018 Winter 06-12U Competitive Dec. 02, 2017 Mar. 04, 2018 Saturday and Sunday
2017 Fall Futsal Sep. 30, 2017 Dec. 02, 2017 Saturday Evenings (possibly Sunday for Olders)
2017 Fall Development Sep. 02, 2017 Nov. 19, 2017 All 11AS on Sundays, Others Mostly Sunday

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Competitive Season Tie-Breakers

  1. Head-to-Head results, points only (goal differential does not matter). Only applies in case of 2-way tie. For 3 or more-way ties, skip to tie-breaker # 2
  2. If still tied, Maximum Goal Differential (remember max goal differential for any 1 game is capped at 4)
  3. If still tied (or for any teams still tied), Least goals allowed.
  4. If still tied, spot-kick shootout (By coaches agreement, another method may be substituted like coin-flip, draw from hat, etc...)

Roster Tutorials

NEW Affinity Site - Find Gamecard and Roster
Step-by-step instructions on how to find your roster and gamecards.
How to Club Pass a Player
Instructions on how to club pass a player to your team.
How to print your gamecard
Instructions on how to print a game card.
  1. Teams that want to reschedule need to fill out and submit a reschedule request. NOTE: All requests MUST be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the originally scheduled game.
  2. Check the currently available list of Fields to aid in your request
  3. Note the appropriate reschedule fee for your request based upon the number of days before the currently scheduled game and the age division of your team
  4. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with contact information for your opponent and any special issues or notifications that could affect the reschedule date/time (Like must be completed by a certain date). It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the requesting team to contact your opponent and get their agreement on a new game date/time.
  5. Both teams MUST AGREE to the reschedule before a game can be rescheduled
  6. Once you have agreement with your opponent, you need to email that agreed to date/time to the scheduler for confirmation and rescheduling (NOTE: all available fields are awarded on a first come basis so it is possible that your agreed to date/time may not be available. First come is determined by the order your agreement email is received by the scheduler.).
  7. Once your reschedule is confirmed, you have 48 hours to submit the proper reschedule fee at the OL Store.

Season Guidelines

Effective Date File
Nov. 15, 2012 Competitive Season Divisional Formats
Lays out the competitive season playing format (like round-robin, double round-robin, etc.) for all competitive seasons.