Travel Information for Teams

Out of Season Travel

All travel is governed by HYSA and teams traveling need to follow the guidelines on the HYSA website (Click Here to access the HYSA site).

For travel outside of the OahuLeague season, no notification to OahuLeague is required. Some examples of outside travel include but are not limited to:

  • Summer Travel
  • Travel to tournaments during breaks (like a U13 or older team traveling over Christmas)
  • Travel to tournaments while you are not in season - for example, you travel to a tournament in March but you are not signed up for the Spring season.

If you are traveling during one of your seasons, please see the "Traveling During the OahuLeague Season" section of this page for more information.

Traveling During the Oahuleague Season

All teams that travel during a season that they are registered to play, need to review and follow the travel policy posted on the Rules and Policies page (Click Here to go there now)

In addition, all teams must also follow and submit travel forms to HYSA as defined on the HYSA website (essentially the same as the "Out of Season Travel" information identified on this page.). The exception to this might be those teams taht are registered as both USYSA and US Club teams. If this team is traveling under the US Club banner, then all necessary travel paperwork must be submitted to US Club soccer, as defined by US Club soccer as well as following the OahuLeague travel policy provided on this site.