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Meeting Date Motion Incorporated in Policies
Sep. 07, 2011
  • Motion made & passed to refund 10% per game loss for Fall 2011 season based on 8 games.
  • State Ruling – open up roster at 22 players for 11 Aside starting at U11, effective immediately (18 can only dress in uniform to play)
Mar. 02, 2011 OL may prohibit others from attendance of games. Passed as follows:

The Oahu League, due to the action of securing the permits for the fields and responsibility it has for the wellbeing of all participants, including players, coaches, parents and fans, has the right to deny access, for any determined period of time, to any person or persons near or around the fields while they are permitted by OL, if in the determination of the league, those individuals have demonstrated actions, deemed by the OL to be detrimental to the safety of any or all participants.
May. 05, 2010
  • HYSA Meeting – 16 years old was determined for minimum age for youth coaches for U12 & younger age groups, effective immediately, requirement: conditional coaching ass & have adult coach or team manager present with team.
  • After accumulating three (3) yellow cards within a seasonal year, the player, club or team official will be entitled to finish the game underway, but will be automatically suspended from play for the following game within the playing year. The game suspension shall clear the player’s record.
  • HYSA Rule regarding yellow card: D. Tomita requesting for a motion to be made that two yellow cards is a red card in the same match,. Motion passed, unanimously
Apr. 07, 2010 HYSA will host AGM from now on. OL to share half the cost of food and room rental. Not Req'd
Mar. 03, 2010 Waipio Field Usage Fee – fees to be implemented on July 1, 2010. No
Feb. 03, 2010 Motion to accept Jeff Hunt’s proposal for referee pay changes to encourage referees to participate in the RIPS (Referee Incentive Program Select) program. Motion passes unanimously No
Jan. 06, 2010 New OL Rule: U18 teams will be allowed two years at the U18/19 Premier Division starting with the date they entered as a U18 team. Motion passed with 1 abstention No
Jun. 03, 2009 Motion made & passed: If a game was rescheduled due to rainouts, the game is deemed to be within the two week period which falls in the $25.00 fine. (for teams that forfeit their rescheduled games) No
Apr. 01, 2009 Motion made & approved unanimously for Club eligibility to OL board seat:

  1. Have designated representative to submit entry to OL BOD
  2. Done at AGM for following year or on probation – requirement: three (3) competitive teams in competitive season 2009/2010, voting power: must be present at three (3) consecutive OL BOD meetings
  3. Club should have a President, Director of Coaching (DOC) or coaching coordinator or head of coaches, official club name, club address, email, phone number, team colors, OL representative and alternate must be established
Mar. 04, 2009 New club procedures – 3 teams or more, 1 year probation status, by laws of clubs situated & submitted to Oahu League, 501c3 not a requirement No

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