Board Meeting Info and Minutes

Board Meetings

The OL Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Meetings are held, alternating, at Paki Hale and Pearl City Public Library. All interested parties are welcome to attend. Please double check the League Calendar to make sure the League is having a meeting and where it will be held for the current month.

The board is comprised of elected members from the eligible clubs and independent teams.

Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date File Date Posted
May. 06, 1998 May 1998 Minutes Jun. 07, 2015
Mar. 04, 1998 March 1998 Minutes Jun. 07, 2015
Feb. 18, 1998 February 1998 Minutes Jun. 07, 2015
Jan. 07, 1998 January 1998 Minutes Jun. 07, 2015

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