Who We Are

The Oahu League (OL) is affiliated with the Hawaii Youth Soccer Association (HYSA) and has been providing opportunities for competitive youth soccer for U06-19 ages since 1996.

The OL sponsors four seasons: a Fall U06-19 Recreational Season, a U06-12 Competitive Winter Season, a U11-19 Competitive Spring Season and a U06-10 Spring Season. Coach and referee meetings are held before the beginning of each season to review the administration for that season.

The OL uses an "opt-in" email system and a twitter feed to ensure timely communications and that only those that wish to receive our communications, actually receive them. By opting-in to the email system, you allow us to send you emails regarding the league. Be sure to complete the entire process including the "confirmation email". You can also sign up for twitter feeds for scheduler updates and last minute announcements.

The OL uses this website, the email system, and twitter feeds to communicate with its members and to present the information coaches, team administrators, players and parents should know to support the league. All members of the OL (especially coaches and administrators) should be knowledgeable of and follow the policies and procedures contained in the Policy area of the Website.

The OL Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Interstate Building Penthouse, 1314 S. King St., Suite 1656 and invites all those interested in formulating league policies and activities to attend. The Board is comprised of representatives from the eligible clubs and independent teams.