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  2014 Fall Season  
1) you may open an account and save your contact and payment information so that you don't have to enter it whenever you process future payments for team or player registrations; click on the "OL User Login" link to the left to create your account.
  2015 Winter Season      
  2015 Spring Season      
      2) if you are a returning team and have an existing team number, type in the team number in the first field at the top of the order form when you register teams or players.    
3) if you are a new team, type in "new U8 team", "new U9 team", "new U10 team", "new U14 team" or "new U18 team", etc., in the second field at the top of the order form when you register teams or players.
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  and Forfeit 4) click on the active links to the left to register players and teams or to rent the OL golf carts.
5) you may submit payments by either credit card or internet ACH; if your bank does not process ACH payments you will have to submit payment using a credit card (MC or VISA).
Adjustments or
6) to check the SSL security of the order within the store, check-out and payment pages do the following: right click; select properties; the connection shows as TLS 1.0, AES with 128 bit encryption; also, the "padlock" at the bottom right will be in the locked position.
  .... if you haven't already done so, "opt-in" to the OL email system ..... the email system, the website and contact with Boardmembers are the main ways the League communicates with its members .....