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      Code: GCR        
Team Registration   Cost: $35.00        
  2014 Fall Season            
  2015 Winter Season   golf cart rental is only available at Waipio SC.    
  2015 Spring Season  
the rental cost is $35.00 per golf cart per day; there are six golf carts available for rental.
Golf Cart Rental
    when you order select one quantity per rental.    
Schedule Change            
  and Forfeit   for example:    
  Payments   one cart, one day = select one in "Quantity"    
      one cart, two days = select two in "Quantity"    
Adjustments   two carts, one day = select two in "Quantity"    
  or Miscellaneous   two carts, two days = select four in "Quantity"    
to reserve carts, send an email to the Oahu League Secretary indicating the dates and number of carts to be reserved for the cart rental; secretary@oahuleague.com
you will also need to send in the Waiver of Liability which can be found at the Oahu League Store link.