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Player Registration  
to pay for schedule changes and forfeits, select the amount below which corresponds to the fine as described in the "Game Schedule Changes, No Shows and Forfeit Policy" as posted on the Oahu League policy webpage.
Team Registration
2014 Fall Season
  2015 Winter Season            
  2015 Spring Season   Schedule Change (two weeks in advance)      
      Code: SC2W        
    Cost: $25.00        
Golf Cart Rental            
Schedule Change
  and Forfeit
Adjustments or   Schedule Change (within two weeks up to 72 hours)    
  Miscellaneous   Code: SC72        
Charges Cost: $50.00
  Forfeit within 72 Hours of the Game      
      U8 Division        
      Code: FORU8        
      Cost: $55.00        
      U10 Division        
      Code: FORU10        
      Cost: $75.00        
      U12 Division        
      Code: FORU12        
      Cost: $90.00        
      U14 Division        
      Code: FORU14        
      Cost: $110.00        
      U16 Division        
      Code: FORU16        
      Cost: $125.00        
      U17-19 Division        
      Code: FORU19        
      Cost: $150.00