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Registration Materials Delivery Schedule
  Oahu League player and coach registrations:
  The schedule for the drop-off and pick-up of Oahu League registration materials for coach
and player registrations is as follows:
    Wednesday = pick-up of materials at 12:00 noon; return by 12:00 noon second following Friday.
    Friday = pick-up of materials at 12:00 noon; return by 12:00 noon second following Wednesday.
All materials delivered and picked up will be signed for; use the log sheet available from the staff at the UPS Store. You will be notified by email (if an email address is provided on the team roster form) when the registration materials are ready for pick-up; this includes materials processed earlier than the scheduled times. Please securely package all materials in an envelope with your name and description of contents clearly marked on the outside.

Please do not call the UPS Store to see if your package is ready for pick-up; you will receive an email when it is ready; pls. also do not harass the UPS staff; they are not knowledgeable of OL matters!
  Tournament player and coach registrations:
  Most tournaments require a ten day advance submittal.  You need to add ten days to that time for the Oahu League to process tournament registrations.

Mailing Address  
  The mailing address for the Oahu League and the location for the drop-off and pick-up of registration materials and packages is:      
    Oahu League
4725 Bougainville Drive, PMB 538

Honolulu, HI 96818-3179

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