Player Registration
For any OL Season
(player registration is continually open)

To register a player for any of the OL Seasons (8AS, 11AS, U8-12 or U13-19) two steps are required. First, the player registration fees must be paid. Second, the package containing the player registration materials and a copy of the invoice documenting the payment of player fees must be submitted to the UPS Store by the respective seasonal registration deadlines.
Step One:


after reading these instructions, go to the OL Store and submit complete payment for the number of player registrations that you are ready to submit.
note: personal checks are not acceptable for player registration fees; if you submit a regular check with the player registration materials it will not be processed; you must pay by credit card or by internet check through the OL Store.
make a copy of the player registration invoice as confirmation that payment has been made and include it with the player registration package.
Step Two:
submit the player registration materials package to the UPS Store by the seasonal submittal deadline if you want the player to have a player pass by the first game day.
in order to be processed, the player registration package must contain the following items: a copy of the player registration invoice to confirm payment; an updated team roster; a 1x1 color photograph of the player; a copy of the player's birth certificate, and; a player membership form.
complete player registration instructions can be found at the Registration Information page.
the submittal deadline for on-line payments and player registration materials for any season is 4:00 pm Friday, at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the season (for player passes to be available for the first day of games in that season).
on-line credit card or internet check payments for player registrations will be processed immediately when you "check-out" in the Oahu League Store; all payments for player registrations are non-refundable.
Step One: to start the player registration process click here to go to the OL Store.