"Bad Weather Day Procedures"
On "bad weather days" please follow the procedures below:
1) check the "Game and Field Status" page for the most up-to-date information; as soon as a field is closed and the League is notified by a field coordinator, referee, park official or parent, the information will be posted immediately by wireless connection; the League will also attempt to send an email notice of the field closure to those who have opted-in to the OL email system.
2) most often the first notice of a field closure is when teams and referees arrive to find that the field is closed; they then call-in the closure; so, if you have the first game of the day at the field you probably will not receive notice of the field closure; teams and referees are required to show at the field unless they receive notice that the field is closed; if you have a later game time, check the game and field status before you leave for the game; if a cancellation notice has been posted you do not have to go to the field; the notices are time-stamped.
3) please do not telephone League officials to find out if a field was closed or if games were cancelled; they need their lines open to communicate about the fields and games.
4) check the on-line schedule for re-scheduled games; it generally takes 2-3 days to determine what games were cancelled and to find fields and times to re-schedule the games; also check your email for information regarding re-scheduled games.