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U13-19 Referee Meeting and USSF Re-cert (2-15-10)

  • the Referee Pre-Season Meeting for the U13-19 Season 2010 will be held on February 21, 2010, at 5:30 pm at Hale Akoakoa 105, Windward Community College
  • there will be an important announcement regarding the change in the payments for OL referee match fees and other policies and procedures for the season will also be described at the meeting
  • by request, the meeting is being scheduled earlier so that youth referees may attend and get home early
  • OL referees should also attend the referee clinics announced previously by the Hawaii State Referee Committee on 2/19, 2/20 and 2/21, in order to position themselves for the new match fee policies
  • all referees that attend the clinics will satisfy the yearly mandatory training requirement

U13-19 Season 2010 Games and Assignments

  • the U13-19 Season 2010 will start March 6 and finish on May 23, 2010
  • the schedule for the beginning of the season will be available at the referee meeting for referees that attend the meeting
  • be sure to bring your calendars and know your committments so that assignments can be confirmed for the first weeks of the season!

Last USSF Re-certification 2010

  • immediately following the close of the referee pre-season meeting at 6:30 pm there will be a 2010 USSF Re-certification clinic
  • be sure that you have followed the directions to prepare you to be re-certified at the meeting!
  • If you have not taken the on-line test, then go to and look under the Nov 17 notice
  • This will be the last Recertification Clinic offered for 2010. If you do not re-certify you will not be able to be assigned to OL matches

U8-12 Season Substitution Change (12-18-09)
  • the HYSA State Board has changed the way in which substitutions are to be administered in HYSA-sanctioned youth league matches.
  • starting December 1, 2009, and for the duration of the U8- 12 Season, there will be unlimited substitutions by either team on any stoppage of play (to include throw-ins, and free, goal, and corner kicks).
  • referees are to follow the guidelines reviewed at the recent USSF re-certification sessions in the administration of substitutions.
  • referees and coaches should review these new procedures together before their games this weekend, December 19 and 20, 2009. to prevent any confusion regarding the substitution rule change.

Update to Coach Pass (8-29-07)
Effective immediately, coaches only need to have one pass for either the 8AS or 11AS Seasons. The pass still needs to be visible on a lanyard on the coach. Remember that there can be four coaches written-in on the game card; be sure to check the photograph of the coach with the coach pass!!

No-Show and Forfeit Policy (6-17-07)
The League has a no-show and forfeit policy; check it out here
Remember, when teams do not show-up for games or forfeit send the assignor the on-line game report listing the game number, the team name and the team number of the team(s) that did not show or forfeited ....

OL email System (6-17-07)
The OL has an "opt-in" email system and in order for you to receive email information from the league you will have to opt-in to the system by confirming your email address. Go to the email entry box below to send your confirmation email.

We ask for your confirmation to protect you from receiving unwanted email. If you do not respond, your email address will NOT be added to this list and you will not receive emails regarding Oahu League referee matters. You only have to "opt-in" once. You may "opt-out" and remove your address at any time.

Thank you for your understanding, and for the "good of the game", officiate!
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Referee Clinics (6-17-07)
Go to HSRA referee training clinics for information on all referee clinics - entry, re-cert, and training!!